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List Of Phishing Sites

With the growth in online phishing activities, it is virtually impossible to compile a complete up-to-date list of phishing websites. The average lifespan of a phishing website is eight days. Most of these sites are operating in jurisdictions outside of the USA within arms length of responsive law enforcement officials. Each time a site is taken down a new one springs up. The most commonly targeted enterprises for online phishing attacks are online banks and merchant payment services such as eBay and Paypal. There are, however, a list of phishing websites that contain relevant information about known phishing sites. You can find out more about current web phishing activities at the following sites:

AntiPhishing Working Group ( This site has been established by a group of committed working professionals who are dedicated to eradicating phishing, educating the public and developing initiatives to combat online fraud. The group comprises over 2600 members with representation from over 1600 companies, 8 of the top 10 US banks and 4 of the top 5 US ISP's. Site links of interest include a mechanism for reporting phishing, a crime wave map and a phishing archive which contains a list of known phishing sites and activities. There is also a vendor solutions section for individuals who want to investigate potential software for screening for phishing emails. ( This site is the webs dedicated anti-phishing service. The site provides a mechanism for reporting phishing scams and a paid subscription service for individuals or institutions that want database access to an archive of phishing scams and want to receive email notification of newly reported activity. The site features articles, a forum, a list of recent phishing scams and RSS feed notification.

ScientIS ( A useful site with information about phishing, statistics, a how to section, protection measures, how to identify a scam website, resources and anti-phishing tools of interest.

Bank Safe Online ( A UK banking initiative to keep consumers aware and stay safe online. The site has sections for reporting a scam, the types of scams, spotting a scam and an FAQ section.

US CERT: United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team ( This site provides the ability to report a phishing scam including detailed email client instructions. There is also relevant security news to keep individuals informed about potential computer security issues.

You can also find out further details about potential scams at official online banking websites. These sites keep up to date information including security precautions and occasionally list phishing websites.

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